Hahnemuhle is  the oldest German papermakers manufacturing papers for traditional and digital artists as well as industrial papers. Hahnemuhle mill was founded in 1584 and its first main function was to supply paper to the Duke of Brunswick’s office. King George III of England was one of its customers and his monogram was included in the watermark at the time. In 1886 one of its owners, Carl Hahn, gave the mill the name it now bears. The early part of the 20th century saw a merger with Schleicher & Schull. In 1979, Hahnemuhle was one of the first mills to develop Museum board with neutral sizing. It continues today in Dassel to produce a range of very fine artists’ papers. Typically, within each range a number of slightly different grades exist. Hahnemuhle papers are often 2-sided, are lightfast and acid free and buffered for long-term protection.

HAHNEMUHLE DELUXE JOURNALS:  Hard-cover, hand bound {lay flat} journals for drawing and sketching in charcoal and pencil. Beautiful warm white, 140gsm, high quality acid free paper. 160 pages.

HAHNEMUHLE GERMAN ETCHING:  This German paper has carved out a special niche in Australia, especially for aquatints. It contains no rag, being made from alpha cellulose and comes in warm white, creamish buff and bright white.


HAHNEMUHLE WATERCOLOUR POSTCARDS:  Handsome, brushed aluminium re-usable box, containing 30 acid-free, cold pressed surface postcards complete with address area on one side. 11x15cm, natural white.