In the isolated and remote seaward villages of Brittany, it has been a French tradition for hundreds of years to learn the ancient craft of artist brush making. At Isabey, unlike many other brush manufacturers who buy pre-dressed hair, every brush is made completely from the company’s own selected fibres. Brush-making is an involved process, beginning with the first stages of selection, purchase and shipping to the factory, through to the traditional manufacturing stages of washing, sorting, shaving and shaping. This process along with strict quality control, is evident right through to the final finished exquisite brush. The complete company control, together with pride of workmanship and its long tradition, makes Isabey perhaps the ver y best brush range made in the world today. A quick look at the world wide web will indicate the broad world acceptance of these glorious brushes with a number of Isabey unique brush types.

We are now proud to be associated with this impor tant world brand, and look forward to your feedback, as you can also discover why Isabey, with its unique combination of premium quality and keen price, is perhaps the best selling European quality brush now selling in America today, recognised as the toughest art materials market in the world.