Acid Resists & Aquatint Materials

Additional Information

Bituminous Paint

500ml tin, 1lt tin. Only use with vapour mask.

Krylon Plastic Spray Can

This product has become a popular American alternative to aquatint powders. The black plastic is very acid resistant and compares well to rosin.

Lump Rosin

Break up lumps in a muslin bag by rolling. Shake onto plate by flicking with finger, holding bag 300mm above plate. 500g tin

Rosin - Powdered

Stabilised against caking in hot weather. American. 1lb tin.

Acid-Resist Pens

Draw over aquatint plate for Manor Noir with these fine-tipped pens. Best with ferric chloride. Also used in litho drawing up.

Sugar Lift

Picasso method. So sensitive it will print a fingerprint. Same product as used by Hockney in “Rake’s Progress” and Picasso, in his “Bullfight” series. Simply dilute with water to a painting consistency and paint onto aqua tinted plate. 30ml bottle. For pre-sensitised zinc plates – 1.2mm thickness. Clear water-based solution. Mix 1 : 5 with water. No fumes, clean up with cold water.