Etching Press 800

This large format press is made for printing large sheets of paper, including Hahnemuhle and the 80x120cm Arches and Rives papers. Equally, it will print lino plates and wood-blocks. It has been fitted with adjustable flat springs in the top roller bearing assembly to assist in printing where a low, sensitive _kiss” pressure is desired during printing for best results. Ever y effort has been made in this press design to keep the price at an affordable level, to suit both University print rooms and individual artists who wish to print large format.

The press is constructed from 12mm steel plate, the 140mm diameter top roller is made from 12.5 mm hollow bar, while the lower 75mm diameter roller is solid steel. Both run on 30mm shafts with self aligning bear ings in cast iron housings. The sides and hand wheel have been finished in black powder coating, the 25mm cross bars and pressure screws are zinc-plated. The press is fitted with a 12mm thick Australian steel bed with brass stops. A ground steel bed is available.

The pressure is adjusted via two shor t _tommy bars” with black Bakelite knobs. Printing is made easy by a 5:1 gearbox attached to the side of the press , and the press is fitted with a large [1220 mm] diameter hand- wheel. The stand is made from 50mmx50mm fully welded RHS. It is recommended that these large format presses be bolted to the floor after correct levelling. (The press is shown below with the gear box cover removed)

Press Includes: Solid steel bed [in place of PVC], handwheel and safety strap

Additional Information

Overall weight


Side width


Bed length


Bed thickness

12mm Steel



Roller diameter

140mm Top X 75mm Bottom


Satin black and zinc plate


Welded steel stand, Timber shipping crate