Japanese White Papers

Perhaps the largest selling group of Asian papers in Japan and Australia are the Hosho type papers, characterised by their pure white colour, glazed upper surface and rough undersurface. The papers are totally unsized, so in calligraphy and Sumi painting, lines bleed to give a jagged soft appearance. Additionally, in block relief printing, the smooth side prints sharply and cleanly with oil-based ink allowing printing without a press by means of a simple bamboo baren.


Additional Information


The paper comes in three forms. Firstly, there is the thick stock sold as a 50 sheet pad, which is favoured by relief printers. Next, a light thin paper is sold in roll form; this is generally preferred by Sumi painters. Finally, we have a range of Hosho papers available in sheet form in varying sizes and one which is very soft and pliable. Also note there is a Hosho type listed below, made from a Manila pulp mixture, but is in a characteristic yellow/buff tone. Available in light, medium and heavy weight gsm.


A stiff thick Hosho-like paper in a buff shade, made from Manilla fibres. Smooth front face and textured reverse side. C/E, 839 x 636.