Plate Cleaners

Additional Information

Whiting Powder

Make a paste with ammonia to de-grease plates. 500gm pack.

French Chalk (Talc)

Degrease hands when plate wiping and before paper handling – non-perfumed. 500gm bag.

Snakestone Slips

Mild abrasive, use with oil using the flat, or end for small areas like scratches. Note: For lithography, use with gum etch.

Pumice Powder

Fast acting inexpensive grit. Use with ammonia to make paste; rub up with rag. Also used for inexpensive grit aquatint method.

Carbide Grit

For polishing and aquatint. For rosinless aquatint, sprinkle the graining grit on to epoxy resin (Cat No E029.00). Varying depths of black/grey can be achieved by the depth of the sprinkling and the grade of the grit.