Sennelier Artist Quality Gouache

Sennelier have always made superior quality gouache, sometimes called opaque watercolour due to its covering power and ability to build up layers. Most manufacturers make a designers’ gouache which uses pigments similar to transparent drawing inks, but are mainly only hues of traditional oil paint pigments. Sennelier, however, have always made gouache for artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Miro and Dufy, and have only used the same expensive, high quality pigments present in their watercolours and oils. The range is smaller than watercolour as pigments are selected for opacity. The paint dries to a matt finish.

Colours are available in 21ml tubes.


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Additional Information

Series 1

Permanent White, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Red Brown, Van Dyke Brown, Venetian Red, Grey, Ivory Black.

Series 2

Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue Light, Ultramarine Blue Deep, Prussian Blue, Raw Sepia, Lemon Yellow, Bright Yellow, Naples Yellow, Red Lead (hue), French Vermilion, Chinese Vermilion, Black Lake, Luminous Green, Bright Green, Emerald Green, Blue Violet, Red Violet, Parma Violet.

Series 3

Indigo Blue, Cerulean Blue , Sapphire Blue, Cinereous Blue, Indian Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light , Cadmium Yellow Deep , Cadmium Red Light, Carmine Red, Helios Orange, Tyrian Pink, Imperial Purple, Crimson Lake, Chrome Green Light, Chrome Green Dark, Olive Green, Cinnabar Green Yellow, Turquoise Green, Viridian Green, Permanent Violet.

Series 4

Cobalt Blue, Helios Red, Ruby Red, Crimson Lake, Madder Lake Deep, Helios Green, Cobalt Violet Light Hue, Cobalt Violet Deep.

Series 5 (Metallics)

Bronze Gold Rich Pale, Bronze Gold Yellow, Silver Metal.

Sennelier Gouache Paints - Display

Complete range of 59 colours (x 3 each) with stand.

Sennelier Gouache Varnish

Formulated to combat the delicate surface problems encountered in gouache painting, particularly with the overpainting of several layers, and where protection is required which is not immediately apparent or makes changes to the painting intensity or surface appearance. The varnish is formulated from a colourless synthetic resin and is alcohol-based, giving an even matt surface film. For best results, spray with the mouth atomiser for small works or apply with a brush.