Sennelier Painting Mediums & Varnishes

Painting mediums and varnishes by Sennelier.

Additional Information

Sennelier Poppy Oil

Extracted from poppy seeds, clearer with less yellowing tendencies. Less effective as a drier than linseed and safflower oil. Recommended for light colours and blues particularly. 75ml, 250ml

Senn. Turner Transparent Medium

Use this medium in moderation to obtain a silky, luminous effect that is totally transparent . This medium should be limited to only 10% of the total colour mixture. Made from a base of cold-pressed safflower oil. 40ml

Sennelier Impasto Oil Medium

A natural resin-based medium made from thickened Van Eyck medium, which allows artists to build up rich impasto marks and textural layers which would be unstable with normal oil paint. 200ml

Sennelier Clarified Linseed Oil

Naturally purified amber linseed oil; fast drying. 75ml, 250ml, 500ml

Sennelier Boiled Linseed Oil

A higher drying speed linseed oil for more rounded and viscous strokes. 75ml, 250ml

Sennelier Refined Safflower Oil

Used for paint-making where fluidity and non-yellowing are required. Naturally acid-free; slower drying oil. 75ml, 250ml

Sennelier Stand Oil

Polymerised linseed oil is viscous; use with dilution. Mix with gum turps to produce glossy layers; slow drying. 75ml, 250ml

Sennelier rectified Turpentine

Unlike other brands, this Sennelier distilled pine turpentine is the perfect dilutant for their oil paint as well as other brands of paint. Premium quality. 75ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre

Sennelier Venice Turpentine

A rich honey-like balsam from the European larch tree. This thick medium should be mixed sparingly into oil paint when a jewel-like gloss is required (do not exceed 10% of the total mix). Because it is a concentrate, it may be diluted by up to 20% with gum turpentine (maximum of 5% in mix). 32ml, 120ml

Sennelier Odourless Solvent

Sennelier’s new odourless solvent is made from natural oils. Use for mixing with and diluting Sennelier oil paints and mediums. 75ml, 250ml

Sennelier Van Eyck Medium

This product was used extensively by the Old Masters, such as Titian, Rembrandt and Vermeer. This expensive medium is very difficult to prepare and takes considerable time to produce an unusual emulsion of linseed oil, mastic resin, gum arabic and black oil. For maximum effect, mix 1:1 with oil paint to make colours richer and deeper, retaining an enamel-like glow when dry. It improves paint handling, since it makes oil colours ‘non-migratory’, allowing them to remain sharp and clear, standing out from the background. Mix into whites first for tints. 40ml tube

Sennelier Flow and Dry Alkyd Medium

Very fast drying alkyd medium. Mix with oil paint to accelerate the drying time and increase the gloss finish. 75ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Sennelier Fluid and Dry Alkyd Medium

Fast drying alkyd medium. Thinner consistency than above medium and can be used for glazing and lacquered tints. 75ml, 250ml

Sennelier Gel and Dry Alkyd Medium

Impasto version of alkyd medium. Add up to 25% mix to oils. 40ml tube

Sennelier Veronese Medium

A new paste medium for an impasto appearance with a matt finish. Rapid drying characteristics make it an ideal product for ‘alla prima’ studies. If thinning is required, use a turpentine and white spirit mixture. 40ml tube.

Sennelier Damar Gum

Damar crystals are collected from the Indonesian fir tree and easily dissolved in gum turpentine to make this traditional and transparent high gloss protective painting film which is easily removable. It is often used in many other glaze and medium painting formulas. 250ml. 1 litre

Sennelier Extra Fine Painting Varnish

Based on classic damar gum, this elaborate formula should be applied to well-dried paintings. This rich varnish is made with a high mixed resin content.75ml, 250ml, 1000ml

Sennelier Turner Retouch Varnish

A light and quick drying varnish, used for correcting blooming or for retouching oil paint on old or dry backgrounds. Use also as a temporary varnish. Thin with gum turps. 75ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Sennelier Mastic Varnish

Very old traditional varnish, having an easily removable high gloss film, this product differs in that it imparts a golden glow to the work, evident in many Old Master paintings. It may be diluted with gum turpentine and dries relatively quickly to a very glossy film. 75ml

Sennelier Isolating Varnish

Special varnish to be applied after 6 months drying time, which completely isolates the lower layers of the painting from the new work without the problem of the new layers merging or redissolving into the old paint layers. May be thinned with alcohol. 250ml

Sennelier Universal Medium

Modern formula which is fast drying, imparting gloss. May be thinned for use in glazing. 75ml, 250ml

Sennelier painting Varnish

Modern formula which is acrylic-based and slow drying, available in matt, satin and gloss. Although made from a special acrylic resin and silicone celluloid base, this clear colourless varnish leaves an even surface which dries hard and offers excellent protection. May be thinned with turpentine for application. Matt Varnish: 75ml, 250ml, 1000ml. Satin Varnish: 75ml, 250ml, 1000ml. Gloss Varnish: 75ml, 250ml, 1000ml