Sennelier Specialist Painting Additives



Additional Information

Sennelier Turner Gloss Painting Medium

Makes smooth glossy brushmarks when added to oil paint, and creates glazed layers which look as if a varnish has been applied. Slow drying. 75ml jar, 250ml jar, 1000ml jar

Sennelier Cobalt Driers

Traditional drier; use very sparingly (less than 0.5%). Just add a few drops for fast oil-drying. 75ml

Sennelier White drier

A very pale additive which increased drying speeds. Add no more than 10% – contains calcium salts. 75ml

Sennelier Courtrai drier

Contains zirconium salts to allow thorough layer drying. Add no more than 2%. 75ml


Transparent, flexible, non-yellowing permanent varnish, for use on oil or acrylic paints. Matt: 400ml Aerosol, Satin: 400ml Aerosol, Gloss: 400ml Aerosol