Sennelier Watercolour Products

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Sennelier Watercolour Varnish


Sennelier Gum Arabic Crystals


Sennelier Masking Solution/Liquid Drawing Gum

Masks off paper for watercolour washes. Simply rub off to reveal white paper beneath. 60ml, 250ml.

Sennelier Gum Arabic liquid

Stabilised pure gum arabic solution for mixing with watercolours or gouache paints for a more glossy finish. Can also be used to make watercolour paints. 60ml, 250ml.

Sennelier Watercolour Binding Medium

Traditionally, Sennelier have made this medium for artists who wish to make their own watercolours directly from pigments. Simply add pigment to a small porcelain mortar and pestle, add a small amount of medium and grind for 1 minute, and either pour into your own moulds or into a small glass bottle for storage. Note that the 200ml bottle contains its own preservative to prevent watercolour paint turning sour in storage.