#6235 Pure Siberian Blue Squirrel
Brushes for Watercolour Washes
Isabey - Squirrel Hair Brushes
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hobby brushes
Hobby & Craft
(All purpose synthetic fibre) Hobby and Craft varnishes, glue, home decor.  
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#6176 Cat’s Tongue - Siberian Fitch
Isabey Cat’s Tongue Brushes
Fine-tipped oil painting brush made from Siberian fitch hair. Its fine ‘cat’s tongue’ shape has made it an oil painter’s favourite for fine work and retouching in portraiture.
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#5735 Flogger/Beater - Faux Splashing
Isabey Decor Brushes
Brushes for decorative and faux finish.
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#6728 Kolinsky - Wired Quill
Isabey Exotic Brushes
Note: These brushes are also available in a benchtop stand with each brush packed into small individual acrylic boxes.
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#6562 Isacryl Oil - Long Handle
Isabey Isacryl Brushes
Brushes for oil and acrylic painting.
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#6563 Mangoo Synthetic - Long Handle
Isabey Mangoo Brushes
Synthetic mongoose hair is a halfway fibre between hog and sable stiffness, the preferred brush for fine oil painting. Excellent for blending of colour and overpainting tints. Brush is black-handled with a gold ferrule.
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