acid trays
Acid Trays
Acid Trays - Economy  
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Akua Kolor
Akua Liquid Inks for Mono Printing
Available in a range of densely pigmented colours. With no added fillers or driers. Inks stay wet on the plate for a long time, allowing hours to create an image. Excellent for printing multiple overlays. Beautiful luminous and transparent qualities. Prints best on dry paper and cleans up easily with soap and water. Modify these Akua Kolor Inks using Tack Thickener and these same inks can be used for Relief Printing. Best results on acrylic or plastic plates.
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Akua Inks
Akua Water Based Intaglio Inks
Easy to use, water wash-up etching inks, also very suitable for relief printing, in a range of beautiful dense colours. Very buttery and easy to wipe. Can be left uncovered in the jar without hardening or forming a skin. Prints well on dry or dampened papers. Although water-based, the inks are not water-soluble and cannot be reactivated by water even while the prints are wet. As they contain no dryers the ink drying time will be similiar to oil based inks. When cleaning up use a dry rag on all surfaces. Clean any remaining residue with warm soapy water and a rag. Solar plates are cleaned with vegetable oil.
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Ball Burnisher
Note: Must be used with machine oil, NOT plate oil.  
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caligo tubes
Caligo Safewash Etching Ink
Caligo Safewash etching inks have been available throughout Europe in recent years. They offer fast non-toxic cleanup in warm soapy water. Available in both tubes and tins.   Caligo etching inks colour chart
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Etching Plates
Copper Plate – etching/intaglio 0.9mm thickness
Finest quality high silver content printing metal, polished and laminated for scratch free surface.  
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Etching Plates
Copper Plate – European Engraving 1.2mm thickness
Finest quality high silver content printing metal polished and plastic laminated for scratch-free surface. Etch with ferric chloride.  
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Cotton Gloves – PVC Coated
Completely acid-proof for hand protection while mixing acids, plate wiping and mixing inks.
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gloves thin
Cotton Gloves – Thin
Fine cotton, for handling paper and gold leaf. Pack of 12.  
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Cranfield inks
Cranfield Etching Inks
An extensive range of Etching Ink inks made to a traditional formula and triple-roll milled to give the finest dispersion of the pigment in the linseed oil ink vehicle.The inks are packaged in no waste 150ml Tube durable metal tubes. Cranfield inks colour chart
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