Sennelier Drawing Fixative
Sennelier Charcoal and Graphite Fixative
Delacroix by Sennelier, have developed a resin/alcohol solution especially for fixing carbon and conte pigment drawings. This solution is able to fix the particles without yellowing or dulling the drama of the dense blacks by creating a resistant protective film. This product is not to be used on pastels due to its high resin content.
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Sennelier Soft Pastel Fixative
Sennelier Fixatives for Soft Pastels Latour
This traditional formula is ‘time-tested’ and assured since the days of Degas. Made from a resin and alcohol-based solution that protects soft pastel drawings, at the same time it binds the pastel particles without the yellowing and gloss effect so often found in normal fixatives. Pastel hues and colour balance are left intact. Sennelier recommend 2-3 light coats.
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Sennelier Oil Pastel Fixative
Sennelier Oil Pastel Fixative Artigny
Sennelier have developed a special fixative just for oil pastels, made from a transparent vinyl resin which produces an even surface gloss. This film not only protects the pastel surface from dust and grit, but also hardens up the surface to minimise the accidental damage in handling finished works.
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