khadi packs
Khadi Indian Handmade Papers
These are tough and rugged handmade papers with strong, individual character and great beauty. They are made from 100% cotton rag, which is long fibred and produces paper of exceptional strength. All sheets are deckle edged, watercolour, all painting and drawing media and printmaking.    
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Nepalese Paper H-4
Nepalese Papers
The Nepalese have been making papers by hand for hundreds of years using a variation of the original Chinese method as it spread throughout the east and up through India. All these papers are made from Lotha fibres (similar to Mulberry) and sometimes contain visible flecks of Lotha bark. With the exception of the ‘Washi’ group, most of the remainder are made on the mould and couched onto sheets of tin. Note: Sold only in packs of 25.Nepalese papers - handmade rice    
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