Awagami Japanese Papers
A wide range of beautiful Japanese papers for all printing, drawing, painting and craft applications. All Awagami papers are acid- free and resistant to light. Those listed as having 4 deckle edges are hand-made, and have a fine laid appearance. Those without deckle edges are machine made and generally have a polished, shiny surface on one side and a matt reverse.
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hosho pad
Japanese White Papers
Perhaps the largest selling group of Asian papers in Japan and Australia are the Hosho type papers, characterised by their pure white colour, glazed upper surface and rough undersurface. The papers are totally unsized, so in calligraphy and Sumi painting, lines bleed to give a jagged soft appearance. Additionally, in block relief printing, the smooth side prints sharply and cleanly with oil-based ink allowing printing without a press by means of a simple bamboo baren.  
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White Laid Japanese Papers
Second to the Hosho group of papers is one paper which stands out in sales from all the rest. It has a unique combination of price and quality, being a relatively heavy paper in a medium size, incredibly low priced, since it is a basic bulk seller in Japan, particularly in schools. It is pure white and has a light laid surface, sold in affordable packs of 50 sheets.
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