travel box small
Artist Travel Box Small
Economically priced portable art storage box for just a few brushes and a selection of paint tubes and art tools. Measures 6.5 x 13 x 28 cm.  
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Atomiser – Economy
Mouth blow type. Use for watercolour and drawing inks, varnishes, etc.  
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Blockx oil paints
Blockx Artist Quality Oil Paints
This small family-owned company has been making artist quality oil paints since 1865. Jacques Blockx, a brilliant early chemist, was sought out by French and Belgian artists for his advice on pigments and as a response, commenced manufacture of his selection of oil paints. The brand is synonymous with the highest of quality where no compromise is made in their manufacture, either in the cost of pigments or the time for manufacture, for they are still made today on the same slow moving stone three-roll mills that have been used for a century. Amongst the most ardent supporters of this paint have been Rene Magritte and Paul Signac, and of recent times, the technical painting master, Salvador Dali. The concept is that the pigment is not just the colour, but the way it paints irrespective of the pigment and its concentration. The colours have been ground only in cold pressed poppy oil which is around six times the cost of cold pressed linseed oil. Difficult pigments are put through the three-roll mill up to five times to ensure perfect wetting and fluidity with the maximum quantity of pure pigments without a trace of fillers. Many of the colours are unique to Blockx and are a tribute to the vision of the original Jacques Blockx. Note that Blockx do not make any range other than professional quality. In 1918 the factory employed 14 staff, today they employ only 8, ensuring a semi-handmade quality opposed to mass production paints. Surprisingly, these paints are in the same price bracket as mass produced paints. Many of these colours are unique and have special mass tones unseen in any other paints, ie, Brown Ochre and Brown Ochre Light, Cassel Earth, Gold Ochre, Italian Earth. Note that colours are priced by pigment and so may appear out of context in pricing, ie. the cobalts which feature in Series 6. Available in 35ml & 200ml tubes.
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Blockx watercolour paints
Blockx Artist Quality Watercolour
Unlike any other brand of watercolour paint, Blockx traditional recipe has been evolved around a pure clover honey mixed with a small amount of glycerin. The honey acts to disperse the pigment better in water, especially in thin washes, whilst the glycerin slows the drying. This unique combination has for decades given European artists the advantage of high workability in the wet, especially when placing one light veil over another. The full range of watercolours is stocked in this size. Sold in 5ml tubes.  
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Blockx watercolour set
Blockx Half Pan Watercolour Boxes
Set of half pans in a classic metal case for field painting - a good introduction for the artist to Blockx watercolours.  
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brush washer
Brush Washer – Stainless Steel
For holding brushes at a vertical angle. Copper rust-free handle and stainless steel top spring.  
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Canvas Apron
Good body coverage, 80cm length.  
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double mast style easel
Easel – Double Mast Style
Extra heavy duty, two position easel on castors. Either use vertically or swing into the flat position as a large format glazing and drawing studio table. Oiled beechwood finish, with substantial sized storage tray for art tools and brushes. Double adjustable vertical clamp makes ensures a secure grip for large canvases. Fast positioning, with twin metal ratchet up-and-down movement of the lower canvas support tray. Extra large base footprint for maximum floor stability Packs flat for fast storage. Holds canvases up to 150cm.  
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Easel – H-frame with Metal Ratchet
Heavy duty easel on castors; oiled beechwood finish with substantial sized storage tray for art tools and brushes. Holds canvases up to 140cm. Affordable with many features. Packs down to flat position for easy storage.  
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Easel – Heavy Duty H-frame
Easel – Heavy Duty H-frame
Oiled Beechwood finish, with substantial sized storage tray for art tools and brushes. Ratchet lift system. Packs down to flat position for drawing and watercolour. Holds canvasses up to 120cm. Two position easel on castors. Use flat for drawing and watercolour, and for varnishing and gesso application of linen stretchers. Sliding ratchet action.  
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