Lino – Silk Cut
Grey lino known as silk cut, has been specially made for artists. It is softer and less dense than the traditional brown lino.  
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Speedy Cut
Speedy Cut Blocks
Extra soft thick blocks that can be cut into like butter. Excellent for the physically impaired and the aged where hand strength and control are limited. Good for inkjet image transfers and if lightly cut, can be used both sides. Photocopy design and iron onto Speedy Cut blocks for a cutting guide.
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vinyl relief plates
Vinyl Relief Plates
Soft double-sided (green/blue) black core plates consistently cut fluidly and easily with a minimum of effort and print substantially clearer than lino. The design is progressively revealed as the plate is cut into. Sold per pack of 10.
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Wood Block – Thick (Japanese)
Smooth-surfaced blocks of 10mm thick Japanese magnolia wood. Cuts across the grain easily. Use both sides for economy. Sold per pack.  
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japanese wood blocks
Wood Block – Thin (Japanese)
Blocks of Japanese maple 4mm plywood.  
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