screen frames
Aluminium Silk Screen Frames
Light, strong, easy clean, 1”X 1.5” frame fitted with 43T mesh. Professional quality, great value.  
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Aluminium Squeegees
Professional quality squeegee with aluminium handle for lightness with strength. Polyurethane blade for a lifetime’s use.    
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drawing Fluid
Drawing Fluid – Speedball
Speedball's Screen Drawing Fluid can be brushed onto the screen to create prints using the positive screen printing method.
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Jiffy Clamps - Speedball
Jiffy Clamps – Speedball
The world’s best professional quality screen clamps with an ‘in-cast’ large hardened pin upon which the hinges move and which guarantees no screen movement during printing. Sold per pair.    
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Photo Emulsion - Speedball
Photo Emulsion – Speedball
Speedball DIAZO Photo Emulsion. The photo emulsion method of screen printing allows artists to create fine line drawings, computer generated images, hand and commercial lettering and photographic half-tone positives without the need for a darkroom or costly equipment.Offers unlimited creative potential and excellent results. Photo emulsion may be used with any water-soluble or solvent-based ink, but is only compatible with polyester screen fabrics. Must be mixed with Speedball DIAZO Sensitizer. 3-year shelf life, unmixed. Removed easily from screen with DIAZO Photo Emulsion Remover.  
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Photo Emulsion Kit - Diazo
Photo Emulsion Kit – Diazo
Mix contents per instruction for a fast and easy method of image reproduction. Comes with screen emulsion remover. Made by Speedball (USA).  
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Photo Emulsion Remover - Speedball
Photo Emulsion Remover – Speedball
Speedball DIAZO Photo Emulsion Remover.Reclaims emulsion-coated screen for reuse.
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Screen Filler
Screen Filler – Speedball
Designed to block out areas of the screen that are not intended to be printed.
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screen hinges
Screen Hinges – Speedball
Removable pin screen hinges for fast screen removal when cleaning and coating. Sold per pair.  
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Sensitizer - Speedball
Sensitizer – Speedball
Speedball DIAZO Sensitizer. Sensitizer for use with emulsion. Must be mixed with emulsion, after first being mixed with water. 3-year shelf life, unmixed.  
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Speedball Inks
Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Ink
Considered to be one of the world’s best quality screen inks, by a leading European workshop, based on pigment contact and density. These inks have no Australian equivalent constituting stand-alone quality, with an almost odourless base of quality acrylic containing no white spirit. Available in small (8oz) and large (32oz) tubs.
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