speedball cutter nibs
Box of 6 Ass. Cutter Nibs – Speedball
Box of 5  Ass. Cutter Nibs -Speedball  
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Elliptical Tint Tool
Elliptical Tint Tool
(thin pointed graver with curved sides)  
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Large India Stone
India Stone
To ensure that tools cut evenly, they must remain sharp at all times. Keep a stone with you as you work. To sharpen your tools, follow the bevel of the blade. Stones may need a drop or two of oil or water.
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lino cutter baren kit
Lino Cutter, Baren Kit
Innovative combination burnishing tool, lino cutter and handle, with desk tidy to contain blades.
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Lino Cutters and Handle Set
High carbon steel cutters, durable and long lasting, precision ground for effortless lino cutting. Handles have expanding collar for fast blade changeover.  
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lino 12 piece tools
Lino Tools – 12 piece
Large Japanese set for wood cutting, soapstone carving, etc. as well as lino. Set has a variety of cutters only.  
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lino tools 3 piece
Lino Tools – 3 Piece
Small secondary class set for wood as well as lino, soapstone, etc. Set has two Vs and one U cutter, Japanese quality.
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lino tools 5 piece
Lino Tools – 5 piece
Best quality in the inexpensive pencil type cutters. Comes with sharpening stone. Suitable for lino/wood. Japanese-made with hardened steel tips.
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lino deluxe tools
Lino Tools – Deluxe – 5-piece
Includes double-ended sharpening stone for curved tools. Comprises 3U and 2V end sections with blades made from drop-forged hardened alloy steel. The handle is larger than the traditional mushroomed handle and is easier to hold in larger hands.      
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deluxe lino tools
Lino Tools – Deluxe – 6-piece
Set with mushroom handle. 3U, 3V tool ends made from drop forged quench and tempered alloy steel.
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lino tools
Lino Tools – Speedball Cutters
Good quality hardened steel nib-type lino cutters that fit into a steel chuck and can be quickly locked in. The plastic handles are hollow and can be used to store cutters when not in use. Both handles and nibs may be purchased individually.
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