#6235 Pure Siberian Blue Squirrel
Brushes for Watercolour Washes
Isabey - Squirrel Hair Brushes
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#6728 Kolinsky - Wired Quill
Isabey Exotic Brushes
Note: These brushes are also available in a benchtop stand with each brush packed into small individual acrylic boxes.
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#6239 Syrus Sable/Synthetic Mix - Short Handle
Isabey Syrus Brushes
Economical 50% sable; 50% synthetic mix.
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kaerell brushes
Raphael Kaerell Universal Blue Brushes
This is an extensive range of short-handled synthetic brushes which keep their shape and are professionally bonded for hair retention. They are only a little more expensive than Chinese brushes, but with sales satisfaction guaranteed. The handles keep their shape and are painted with a quality finish which will not crack. The French nickel plated brass ferrules are also of good quality. These brushes are excellent for acrylic, gouache, tempera and watercolour techniques.
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#803 Kazan Petit-Gris Quill, Wired
Raphael Kazan Russian Squirrel Brushes
These brushes are known in France as ‘petit-gris’. They have long been famous for the ability to take up liquid and hold it for long continuous marks and lines without having to return to the watercolour pan to reload the brush. The hairs are hollow and take up liquid like a straw in the unique hair cross-section.    
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#8413 Kolinsky Red Sable - Long Stickout
Raphael Kolinsky Red Sable Brushes
The Kolinsky red sable has incomparable elasticity, spring and vigour. No other fibre has ever matched its unique characteristics for artists wanting the best. Kolinsky Round Brushes Gloss black short handle and nickel ferrule.      
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#8424 Red Sable
Raphael Red Sable Brushes
These brushes, designed for watercolour, are similar to the Kolinsky, but have less bounce and are more economically priced.  
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Raphael - synthetic watercolour brushes
Raphael Synthetic Watercolour Brushes
These brushes have a short orange handle with extra fine Kaerell hair which is black-tipped.  
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