travel box small
Artist Travel Box Small
Economically priced portable art storage box for just a few brushes and a selection of paint tubes and art tools. Measures 6.5 x 13 x 28 cm.  
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Canvas Apron
Good body coverage, 80cm length.  
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double mast style easel
Easel – Double Mast Style
Extra heavy duty, two position easel on castors. Either use vertically or swing into the flat position as a large format glazing and drawing studio table. Oiled beechwood finish, with substantial sized storage tray for art tools and brushes. Double adjustable vertical clamp makes ensures a secure grip for large canvases. Fast positioning, with twin metal ratchet up-and-down movement of the lower canvas support tray. Extra large base footprint for maximum floor stability Packs flat for fast storage. Holds canvases up to 150cm.  
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Easel – H-frame with Metal Ratchet
Heavy duty easel on castors; oiled beechwood finish with substantial sized storage tray for art tools and brushes. Holds canvases up to 140cm. Affordable with many features. Packs down to flat position for easy storage.  
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Easel – Heavy Duty H-frame
Easel – Heavy Duty H-frame
Oiled Beechwood finish, with substantial sized storage tray for art tools and brushes. Ratchet lift system. Packs down to flat position for drawing and watercolour. Holds canvasses up to 120cm. Two position easel on castors. Use flat for drawing and watercolour, and for varnishing and gesso application of linen stretchers. Sliding ratchet action.  
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Large Table Easel
Easel – Large Table
This easel has an adjustable back angle and easily packs flat to store in a wardrobe or vertical storage cupboard. Economically-priced, but quite stable, holding canvases up to 50cm.      
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Multimedia Easel
Easel – Multimedia
Very versatile two-position multi-task easel with lower storage shelf to hold additional art materials, such as watercolour palettes, powdered pigments and sponges, brushes and art tools, in a flat position. Use in the vertical position as a normal easel for oil and acrylic; this easel has a generous sized art shelf and slide out drawer. The mast section pivots to any angle through to horizontal; offering a 70 x 100cm table for drawing, watercolour wash (run-on wash), or it can be angled forward for flat pastel painting and blending. Hold canvases in vertical position up to 120cm. Packs flat for storage.  
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French Box Easel
French Box Easel – Foldup
This easel folds up into a small carry box with extendable triangular legs. The lid extends to provide a canvas holder and will accommodate up to 85cm high canvases. The dovetailed drawer has dividers to house various paint, brush and varnish or mediums compartments. Comes with shoulder carry strap and palette.    
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Universal Primed Linen
Belgian Linen - Berge: Every Berge roll is first double-coated with a secret formula of acrylic size and fully dried prior to the ground being applied. It is advisable to lightly sand all brands of pre-primed linens with fine sandpaper prior to painting to provide a ‘fresh tooth’ for the best paint/substrate adhesion. Belgian linens are available in both a traditional non-toxic oil and a universal prime with a  secret recipe between oil and acrylic that enables oil to wet and bond to the linen. Note that all Berge linens come in a full double width of 2.2 metres for minimum waste when stretching large works. Standard roll size is 10 metres.    
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Table Top Easel
Oiled Beech Table Top Easel
Oiled beech table top easel with partitioned slide out drawer, and extendable easel arms. Strong,  portable, with secure clips, holds canvas up to 85 cm. Very popular easel box combination.  
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palette knife
Palette Knife Set – Economy
Traditional shapes with wooden handles.  
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